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y naval operat●ions, in which the Royal Marines only● of the army shared; and a secon●d war occurred in Burmah in 1852, which will be ▓dealt with in a later chapter; as also will▓ the wars with China beginning in 183▓9, which resulted in the cession of the islan●d of Hong Kong to Great Britain.There were a●lso disturbances at Aden, suppre▓ssed by the 5th Foot and the Bombay Eur●opean Regiment in 1840. But be●fore the Crimean War

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there were important280 ca▓mpaigns fought in the Indian Pen●insula which had important results.Thes▓e were the first wars with the Afghans, that w●ith the Ameers of Scinde, and the ●two Sikh campaigns.The first of these, that▓ with Afghanistan, was induced by causes so●mewhat similar to those which caused a ●recrudescence of hostilities many year●s later.What were called Russian in●trigues were at work, or supposed to be.●At anyrate, a Russian agent appeared ▓at Cabul, and a demand was made for his dismiss●al.The fear, which has not yet died out, th●at in Russia’s natural extension in●to Central Asia, if only as a counterpois▓e to our own antagonistic influence at ▓Constantinople and in the Balkan ●Peninsula, where she wished her own influence to▓ be supreme, there was a dan▓ger to our rule in India, was he

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